About the conference

Hi all, I’m Steven and one of the conference organisers. I thought I would write a couple of lines about how the conference got started.

To start with, I have been working in the games ux space for what seems like an eternity (16 years) and have been continually impressed by the breadth and depth of knowledge in the community. In particular, I have found the community organised conferences valuable and have been involved in the London conference put on by the IGDA every year.

So this year while that conference is on a brief hiatus, I thought I could give back to the community by hosting a one time conference, a pop-up conference if you will, and focus on making it very affordable for everyone to attend.

It also lets me showcase the city I absolutely love working in and introduces the wider games ux community to some of the local talent.

So Pretzels & Playtesting aims to connect the games ux community to Munich and its game dev scene.

Many thanks to Games Bavaria for their support in making this event happen.